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Looking for a small group to connect with?

Take our quick survey to discover a new small group community for you! Click here and fill out the form and our teams will let you know of a small group opportunity based on your needs. For some, a group will be available very soon. However, in many cases this will take time. We appreciate your patience over the coming months. We are working diligently to organize existing groups, launch new groups, and create clear pathways to connections. We will keep you informed of our progress.

We believe that being part of Christian community is God's design for His people. And we think small groups are a great place to forge friendships and stimulate spiritual growth. We offer a wide variety of small groups for men and women of every age and stage of life. Our leaders are fueled by their passion for God and the topics they offer. The groups are located throughout the Delaware Valley.

Interested in leading a group or hosting a group in your home? We always welcome new leaders Melissa Cunningham

Steve Smickley

Got questions or want to connect?
Contact Melissa Cunningham
Small Group Coordinator

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