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Journey Kids

Our mission can be reduced to a single word: partnership.We are your partners on your child's faith journey. Everything we do is meant to excite your child to come to church and to equip you to disciple them at home.

Why JKids is Important

You are the primary spiritual influence of your child, but discipling your child is not a job you were meant to do alone. JKids exists to partner with you to lead your child on a journey toward full devotion in Christ by creating environments where we awaken wonder, spark discovery, and ignite passion in your child's heart. Our greatest strength lies in the host of godly men and women devoted to your children, reinforcing the same Truth at church that you impart at home.

Age - Grade

Nursery: 0-24 Months

Nursery is not simply childcare. It is a place where we share God's love with infants and toddlers through our words, actions, and worship.

Puggles: 2-3 Years

Puggles is a foundational curriculum for ages 2-3 that communicates biblical truth in a fun and age-appropriate way. Mixing worship, stories, and meaningful play, Puggles focuses on four "Big Truths" that awaken wonder toward God in our littlest ones.

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Cubbies: 3-5 Years

Cubbies celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers by helping them develop respect for God, His Son, and His Word. Mixing worship, basic Scripture memory, hands-on learning, and a healthy dose of fun, Cubbies helps preschoolers understand their need for a Savior.

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Sparks: K-2nd Grade

Sparks is designed to spark discovery in K-2nd grade children of who God is and how He loves them. Mixing worship, Scripture memory, and an age-appropriate Bible study, Sparks helps early elementary-age kids forge a faith of their own.

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T&T (Truth & Training): 3rd-4th Grade

T&T teaches 3rd-4th graders the truth of God's Word and trains them to follow Him. T&T takes kids deep into Scripture, with a full Bible study intended to ignite their passion for sharing God's love and grace in the world around them.

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Meet the Kids Team

Children's ministry is not just the way we serve God; it is who we are to the core.
Our joy comes from dreaming of ways to help the little children come to Jesus.

Donna Fitzpatrick
Nursery & Preschool Operations Manager

Upcoming JKids Events

We host several family-focused events throughout the year. Using a combination of social and sacred events, we seek to foster community among families and offer discipleship opportunities within your family. Our marquee events are a fall Trunk or Treat, spring Easter Event, and summer Family Bible School.

See All JKids Events
See All JKids Events

Still Have Some Questions?

We've got answers.
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How do I know my child is safe?
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The safety of your children is among the highest priorities in JourneyKids. We work diligently along several tracks to create a safe environment every week. Among our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your children are:

- Background checks are required of all volunteers serving in JKids

- All volunteers wear name tag lanyards, so they can be easily identified

- We secure and lock the JKids environment after the check-in time is complete

- We operate under a "two-deep" policy, which means every volunteer with children can be seen by at least one additional adult, so no one is left unsupervised around children

- With our check-in system, every child and parent receives a label with a unique code. We will only release a child after service after seeing matching child and parent codes.

Can I bring my child if they're sick?
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Under our "Healthy Kids Policy," we are unable to receive children into JKids classrooms if they have experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours:

- Fever > 100- Vomiting / diarrhea

- Yellow / green runny nose

- Sore throat / strep throat

- Eye infection

- Persistent cough or wheezing

- Contagious or unexplained rash

- Other infectious illness or virus

Do I have to take my child to children's church?
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We believe that age-appropriate learning is the best model for our particular fellowship. Therefore, we ask that no children under the age of eight remain in the main sanctuary. Because we value children and their spiritual heritage, we have committed a significant amount of time and resources to our JKids children’s program, which is geared to meet the physical, spiritual, and social needs of your children.

Special note for first time attendees and guests: We understand that when visiting a church for the first time, you may not be comfortable leaving your children in a children's ministry. Although we would love to welcome your kids in JKids (and we think they'd have a great time), we have set aside an area in the rear of the main sanctuary for first-time attendees with children.

Do you do child dedications?
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Child Dedication at ccdelco is a public commitment made by parents that indicates their desire to give their child the best spiritual opportunities they can provide. To participate in a Sunday morning Dedication Ceremony, you must first attend a dedication orientation. Here, you can become acquainted with JKids, and ccdelco can become acquainted with your family. For more information and to register, click here for our Child Dedication Form.

What if I want to serve in JKids?
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We would LOVE to have you join us in JKids (and, if we’re being honest, it really is the best place to get involved at church)! Reach out to us at and fill out our Serving Opportunities Form.

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Our heart for partnership.

JKids at Home

JKids at Home is the heart of our promise to equip you for the discipling of your children. Here you'll find the Bible story and memory verse videos we use at church each week. With "Family Discussion Questions" at the end, use these videos as an online kids' service or to reinforce what your kids learned at church.

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