Calling All Men

Authenticity •  Intentionality • Transformation • Service  • Unity
In our ministry to men, we seek to edify and empower men to live into the fullness of their purpose and calling in Christ. Our challenge is to invite men into the larger story of God, where we are truly transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. However, transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. We believe that men grow in the company of other men, as we challenge and sharpen one another into a brotherhood where body, soul and spirit can be made whole.

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Are you ready to be challenged? There are great opportunities in men’s ministry – places to go, places to grow and always something to conquer.

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A group of men praying together.

Hi, my name is

Adler Roberts


My goal is to connect guys together, and it usually revolves around food. Life is hard, let’s not do it alone.

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